Roughneck Training

Maritime Drilling School is another great school for finding employment through their entry level Roughneck training program. The school runs a 20 day program that give students certifications which will give the upper hand when it comes to hiring on drilling rigs. Going into this industry prepared makes a big difference when starting out a new career that is fast paced and challenging to most other occupations. Students receive a wealth of hands on experience while training in the industry and safety side of the program.

Once a student finishes the program they are given a list of employers along with employer hiring letters for student access as well if you keep in touch they continually feed you employers who seek their students because of the training they receive. If you visit their website you’ll find lots of positive testimonials in the “about us” section of the MDS web site where students feedback to the school.

Students seeking education for a career can pay upwards to over a $100,000.00 for a trade or university degree and make less than a student who completes a course at Maritime Drilling School. With a worldwide shortage in drilling personnel this would be an option for a cheaper method of gaining or changing a career that allows you to be paid well above average income and opportunities to see the world at the expense of an employer.

This career is not for everyone and those interested need to weigh out the pros and cons of working this industry before entering. Although the industry provides high rates of pay and benefits it also requires hard work and long hours in exchange. Individuals, who are serious about taking on this industry as a career and stay the course are usually well paid off with a great living and if done properly equipped to retire at an early age.

The cost of the course at Maritime Drilling Schools Limited is $5000.00 which includes accommodations while attending the 20 day program. The school has trained well over 2500 students from around the world who are working on land and offshore drilling rigs globally.

This school is the best kept secret to entering the oil & gas industry with a world of resources and knowledge. The program offers knowledge that puts you years ahead of anyone else starting out which in turn allows you to move up the ranks of the company much faster than others without the training.

The days of the “old school attitude” is gone and the new attitude is get prepared before you enter as this will be good for you and your employer as you will have the skill and safety to survive this industry!